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About Marie-Elizabeth Barabas

I'm an interdisciplinary neuroscientist with a research background in peripheral sensory/pain research, retinal development, and stem cell research. As the Managing Editor of npj Microgravity, my role is to assist the editorial process, implement editorial policies, and promote the journal, its articles, and the community. I also attend conferences and meetings to develop a relationship with our readers, authors, and editors. If you see me at a conference, feel free to introduce yourself.

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Super inspirational and way cool!
I wonder if flying animals would have an easier or harder time adapting to microgravity...?? Very interesting article!
Please share your thought! Would the peer review process benefit from artificial intelligence? Further, how much of the human aspect should be taken over by computers? How can we implement more rigorous guidelines for reviewers but still encourage experts to find the time?
Please share your thoughts! How similar is too similar? What percentage of sentence overlap is permissible? Can we define the line between the acceptable reuse of phrases and unethical self-plagiarism? Conversely, does self-citation falsely pad the citation numbers for a publication? Shouldn’t authors have a right to their own work?