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Khaled Kamal

Lecturer, Zagazig University
  • Zagazig University
  • Egypt

About Khaled Kamal

My experience in space Plant biology and exploration has been amplified as a part of my responsibility in the microgravity lab (Medina Lab) in CIB, CSIC, Madrid, Spain during my Master and Doctorate formation, being involved in Multi-space biology projects funded by ESA and NASA in prestigious European research centers to use the state of the art simulated microgravity facilities (Ground-based Facilities ESA based Project) or for the spaceflight preparation (SpaceX 9 mission with NASA using Plant seedling cassettes (Seedling Growth project). Some of the facilities I used/adapted, were not available to the international community yet but tested by us first (Partial Gravity simulated by RPMHW and RPMSW). In addition, reviewing the use of the Pipette clinostat and the Magnetic Levitation for the proper use of the plant cell cultures. This experience is currently further reinforced through my on-going Plant Pathology post-doctoral experience in LRSV-CNRS-Toulouse identifying new proteomic aspects related to the Role of the Ca+2-dependent protein kinase CPK3 and nuclear calcium in Fumonisin B1-induced programmed cell death. Recently, I am working on a part of Mars Spaceflight Mission preparation to support life support system providing a dietary food. My recent project to investigate the nutritional quality of Brassica microgreens as a life support system components!