what is npj microgravity's impact factor?

Kiran on May 12, 2017 • 1 answer
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how long does it take from the time of proof submission to publication? are authors informed of the publication date ahead of the same? thanks


Hi Kiran,

Thanks for your inquiry about the npj Microgravity journal. On average, manuscripts take approximately 3 months from submission to publication; however, that also includes revision time, collection of publication forms, and proof checking. We contact our authors once the publication date is set for their manuscript, but you can check in with me whenever you would like an update at any stage or if you need assistance during the submission process. We do not currently have an impact factor; however, we have been publishing high quality, impactful original research articles and other submission types. We anticipate having more information regarding an impact factor within another year. For general feedback about whether your work fits the scope and quality of npj Microgravity, we encourage authors to submit “presubmission inquiries”. I hope you consider our journal for your future work. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Marie-Elizabeth A. Barabas, PhD
Managing Editor, npj Microgravity

Marie-Elizabeth Barabas on May 17, 2017
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