A new look to creating a community post

The page we use for creating, editing and posting blogs has an intuitive new design!
A new look to creating a community post

The next time you create a new post it's going to look a little different... We've improved this editing page to make it easier to create and publish a post in the community, and we're excited to reveal its new look!

Here's what's new: 

  • In the top right corner is an indicator showing your post is in draft mode, and the buttons for Preview, Schedule*, Publish Now and Save. Saving creates a draft of your post visible under 'My Posts'.
    You need to 'Save' to activate the other buttons, but be sure to enter a Title and some content first.   

*Yes, we can now schedule community posts! More on that, here

  • The content boxes (title, introduction and main text) are basically the same except that the intro field has a green character counter and the editing bar floats as you scroll. 
  • The side boxes on the right of the page, where you select badges, channels, etc. are now collapsed. Click on each one to access the options you’re currently familiar with. Most of these look and function exactly the same as before, except for a couple which have been further improved (next bullet points).
  • The 'Related Content’ box, where you would add your paper's URL for a Behind the Paper post for example, now displays a preview of the link you want to include.
  • The 'Poster Image' also shows a preview. And we've improved how you upload a new poster image with a drag and drop function as well, making it easier to select an image from all previous uploads by creating your very own image library.

Let us know what you think of our new look by sharing your comment below. 

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