Congratulations to npj Microgravity Editor-in Chief, Associate Editors, and team members on International Book Award

The Editor-in-Chief of npj Microgravity, Cheryl Nickerson, and Associate Editors of the journal, Neal Pellis and Mark Ott, have been informed that the book they co-edited has won the 2017 International Academy of Astronautics, Life Sciences Book Award

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The award winning multidisciplinary book is entitled ‘Effect of spaceflight and spaceflight analogue culture on human and microbial cells: Novel insights into disease mechanisms’ and represents the first comprehensive coverage of this subject by any textbook.

It is the compilation of information from dozens of the world’s leading experts and provides a thorough but accessible overview of the field that is placed in the appropriate historical context.  The book is specifically designed to describe and discuss how true spaceflight and ground-based spaceflight analogue experiments have enabled landmark scientific discoveries of novel mammalian cellular and microbial responses that are relevant to human health and disease, which are not observed using conventional experimental approaches.

The International Academy of Astronautics, Life Sciences Book Award is given annually to recognise excellence in publication made by a member or a corresponding member of the Academy in the fields related to life science.

The International Academy of Astronautics was founded in Stockholm in 1960, bringing together the world's foremost experts in the disciplines of astronautics on a regular basis to recognise the accomplishments of their peers, to explore and discuss cutting-edge issues in space research and technology, and to provide direction and guidance in the non-military uses of space and the on-going exploration of the solar system.

Congratulations to Cheryl, Neal, Mark, and all team members on this prestigious award! 

The book is published by Springer and available here:

The image shows astronaut Kate Rubins growing heart stem cells aboard ISS, from Kate Rubins' Scrapbook, NASA.

Ruth Milne

Past Springer Nature Staff Member, Springer Nature


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about 4 years ago

Another book focused on (micro-) gravity research in both physical and life sciences entitled: "Generation and Applications of Extra-Terrestrial Environments on Earth", edited by Daniel Beysens and Jack J.W.A. van Loon, also received the 2017 International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) Book Award but now in the category of Engineering Sciences. The book describes all the possibilities and types of facilities that can be used on ground to perform gravity and simulated space flight conditions research. The book entails contributions by many top scientists in the field. IAA book award committee members recognized the value of this reference and comprehensive work for the science community.

 The book can be downloaded from: