Space Tango and Airbus Defence to collaborate

The new partnership was announced last week at the 33rd annual American Society for Gravitational and Space Research meeting in Seattle.
Space Tango and Airbus Defence to collaborate

Airbus and Space Tango are to combine their respective commercial programs for greater utilisation of the International Space Station.

Space Tango

Space Tango is a Lexington, USA start-up that designs, builds and operates integrated systems to facilitate microgravity research and manufacturing focused for application on Earth.

There are currently two TangoLab facilities aboard the International Space Station: TangoLab-1 since August 2016 in the Japanese Experiment Module; and TangoLab-2 since August 2017 in Destiny (the US Lab). TangoLab facilities are autonomous, configurable ecosystems designed for microgravity research and pilot manufacturing aboard ISS. Each one is designed to hold up to 21 CubeLab Units in a variety of potential configurations. 


Airbus is a European commercial airline manufacturer and major contributor to space exploration and human spaceflight. The Space and Defence Division of Airbus is split into Military Aircraft, Space Systems and Communications, Intelligence and Security. 

Airbus is a leading manufacturer of Earth observation, navigation, science and telecommunications satellites, and its portfolio includes the Columbus ISS module, the Ariane rocket family and the ExoMars rover. 

Space Tango CEO and co-founder Twyman Clements said: 

“This partnership with Airbus Defence and Space allows Space Tango to offer our services to a wider spectrum of use-cases and customers around the world; all in pursuit of our ultimate goal – utilising microgravity as a platform for research and manufacturing.” 

Poster image by SpaceTango