The American Society for Gravitational and Space Research Annual Meeting

This week we are attending ASGSR 2017 in Seattle.
The American Society for Gravitational and Space Research Annual Meeting

The American Society for Gravitational and Space Research was founded in 1984 to foster and promote research, education and professional development in the multidisciplinary fields of gravitational research.

ASGSR brings together a diverse group of scientists and engineers to encourage an exchange of ideas bridging discovery and invention through biological and physical science research and technology in space and gravitational sciences. The members represent academia, government, and industry interests bonded by a common issue – how living organisms and physical systems respond to gravity.

The annual ASGSR meeting provides a forum for the international life and physical sciences communities to meet and discuss their latest findings in gravitational and space research and technologies enabling the research. The 2017 meeting begins today in Seattle, Washington, until 28th October. 

The program includes a variety of plenary, translational, discipline-specific research, enabling technology, and poster sessions. The meeting is also great for emerging researchers and student researchers, with plenty of networking opportunities available. If you can’t attend the meeting in person, ASGSR is offering free a webcast of several symposiums and events, which is being hosted by NASA.

npj Microgravity will have a booth in the ASGSR exhibit hall (Grand Ballroom VII-IX). Stop by to learn more about the journal and pick up an article highlights flyer. We’ll also be celebrating Open Access Week with refreshments at the booth during the afternoon break on Friday, 27th October at 3:30 pm. We hope to see you there!

Poster image: by NASA. The Cascade mountain range can be seen on the left and the Pacific Ocean on the right. Part of Vancouver Island can just be seen (bottom centre-right) and Victoria is the light patch at the tip. Seattle and Tacoma occupy the heavily indented coastline of Puget Sound (top centre-right) appearing as light coloured areas on the left side of the Sound. The frame was photographed as the Space Shuttle Endeavour flew north to south over Vancouver and Seattle. 

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