How To Create Posts

Creating posts could not be easier. You can get from idea to publication within minutes. Here’s what to do.
How To Create Posts

Everyone in the npj Microgravity Community can create posts.

Use them to share your knowledge, opinions and insight and to showcase your expertise.

Best practice alert! If you are creating a long post, like this one, you may wish to create it in Word first and copy and paste it into your website. There’s no particular risk with not doing this, but if you accidentally click the wrong thing or your Internet access goes down, at least you won’t lose your work!

1) Sign in to the Community site.

2) You will see a notepad icon on the top navigation bar. Click it.

3) A pop-up will appear. To create a post, click the Post icon.

4) You’ll see a list of any posts you have already created. Click the New Post button.

5) A New Post page will appear.

6) Give your post a Title and Introduction. If you want it to appear somewhere other than on your profile page (and you have permission to publish to a Channel), select the Channel in which the post should appear from the drop-down.

7) The second drop-down gives you the option of adding a poster image to sit behind the title of your post, to help readers identify what the post is about and to make it look pretty.

8) In the Content box, write or paste your text. Use the WYSIWYG editor tools to format it as you would in Word.

9) To add an image, click the image icon on the WYSIWYG bar and browse for or drag in the image of your choice.

10) To add any hyperlinks to your text, highlight the text you want to act as the link, click the link icon on the WYSIWYG bar and click Insert link. A pop-up will appear, into which you enter the URL to which to link. Click the tick box Open in new tab to ensure the reader is not taken away from your article when they are reading it, should they click on the link. Click Insert.

11) Once you are happy with how your article looks, you are ready to publish! Click the Publish button. If you are not ready to publish yet but you want to save your work you can click on the Save Draft button and your post will be saved alongside the posts you have already published in the ‘My Posts’ section.

12) The post is now live on the Community website. Anyone that Follows you will now receive an email telling them that you have created a post.

If you want to edit your post at any time, click on the person icon on the top navigation bar and choose My Posts from the drop-down. You’ll be taken to your list of posts, and see an Edit button next to each.

Well done! You have created a post. Why not create another?

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