How to create your profile

Find out how to create your profile and make the best of the npj Microgravity Community
How to create your profile
  • Update your profile Share your research background with other members of the npj Microgravity Community by adding information about yourself to your profile.

You can include anything you find relevant and create an interesting profile that people will want to follow.

If members follow your profile they will receive automatic updates on the content you publish; the more people who follow you the more visibility your content will have.

  • Include a picture: uploading a picture of yourself will make it more likely for other members to interact with you and follow your profile.
  • Add your contact details: why not add links to your website and social media accounts
  • Don’t forget to add your email address to make it easier for other members to contact you directly.

To upload a profile picture:

- click on your banner in the top right corner of the screen

- account settings-avatar

- choose file

Once you have uploaded the picture save the changes and the image will automatically appear as your profile picture.

Write a post!

Are you working on something interesting at the moment? Why not share your current research with the members of the npj Microgravity Community?

Here is an example of a completed profile:

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