The Microgravity Community provides an online space in which to further research in the microgravity environment.

This research is needed not only to develop advanced exploration technologies, but also to take advantage of the unique aspects of microgravity environments in order to advance fundamental scientific understanding.

The Community supports the aims of the npj Microgravity journal, an open access, online-only, multidisciplinary research journal, dedicated to publishing the most important scientific advances in the life sciences, physical sciences, and engineering fields that are facilitated by spaceflight and analogue platforms.

Why join the npj Microgravity Community?

The Microgravity Community offers those who join the opportunity to discover and share knowledge and research, learn from the journal Editors and authors, and collaborate to advance science.

The Microgravity Community allows you to connect with your peers, gain knowledge and make connections useful to your work and research.

The Microgravity Community is a place for international collaboration and we encourage members to contribute to the Community by sharing their research, thoughts and opinions by commenting on posts and ‘liking’ articles that they find interesting.

5 reasons to join the npj Microgravity Community

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